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100 EUR
​​ThoraxTrainer deliver all machines with high quality ThoraxTrainer ski poles made of carbon fiber for high stiffness and strength. Poles available from 130 cm to 170 cm
Poles are supplied ready-to-use with ThoraxTrainer pole tips.

Find the right Pole length:
The poles become 8 cm longer when placed in the ThoraxTrainer pole holder, for which reason the length of the poles is decided as follows:

Pole length = Your height minus 30-35 cm
Example of a person who is 185 cm tall:
​185 cm – 30-35 cm = 150-155 cm pole height

1 year breakage warranty on poles. 3 months warranty on straps and handles.
The Swix poles have comfortable gloves in mesh material. The gloves can easily be taken on and off.
The poles are also useful for cross-country skiing and roller skis. Requires replacement of the pole tip.
ThoraxTrainer pole tips can be attached with hot glue on your own poles.