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ThoraxTrainer PRO GX

3112 EUR
Professional model with super-glide ball bearing rails that gives an extremely low friction. The rail system is extra sturdy and requires little maintenance.

Suitable for fitness centers, sports clubs and public gyms with many users.

The PRO GX model is without computer - select the PRO CARDIO model to get it equipped with the ThoraxTrainer computer.


  • 3 set of ski poles: 135-145-155 cm
  • Wall rack for ski poles
  • Roll-up with exercises
  • Training handbook with 17 HIT programs


  • Length:         259 cm
  • ​Height:         36 cm
  • Width:           71 cm
  • Weight          40 kg
  • Material:       Aluminium und Stainless Steel
  • Colour:          Antracit and Red